Grey Curtains Combinations & Inspirations

We love curtains, but above all we love the infinite possibilities of neutral drapes. The home designer has a powerful ally in this color, and it’s not by chance. Wrongly seen by many as dull and uneventful, the grey color is in fact bursting with potential and infinite possibilities. The neutral is crucial in decor, and here on we want to cover the best uses of drapes in grey and every shade of it in home interior designing we can find.

dark grey curtains ceileng to floor

Shades: A History of Love & Decor

Instances of the existence of curtains date back to the old age, with depictions of shades occurring in mosaics found from as old as the 2nd century. Their use has always been varied. Blinds may be used to block light or wind from the outside, to divide a space, to retain water (in case of shower curtains) and almost always to keep the inside unaccessible visualy from the outside. They are essential to keep one’s privacy. They are also essential to compose an interior space.

Grey veils have always been important in interior design. Not only completely grey ones, but also curtains combining grey and other colors. This color occurs often because of its ability to increase the enphasis of other colors around it, or if used in neutral rooms, to complement without overpowering. This ability of the grey colour to emphasize other colors applied in combination to it can be seen clearly on these vintage hangings examples. On the image below, you can see how the neutral brings out the white and the orange in this strikingly beautiful retro example of a 70s curtain: reto grey curtains with orange and white combination On the next image, you can see the neutral shades working with the pink to creat a marvellous effect. The neutral tones completely brining the pink hibiscus flowers print into evidence in this beautiful vintage grey curtains: greay curtains with pinck hibiscus print vintage On this next image, it is quite obvious how the grey background in these curtains are responsible for making the flowers so vibrant and so detached and contrasting. The neutral background in this case would also help creating a separation, a division between the foreground and the background – a new visual space.

vintage grey curtains with pink and yellow flower print

Optically this contrast and the impression of depth is what make neutral pieces specially handy when trying to great new spaces and divisions through interior designing.

Mid-Century Modern

On the 50s grey solid color was used to perfection in order to balance a room. Curtains, floors, walls, curtains and upholstery worked together to achieve a balanced and pleasing effect. Mid-Century Modern brings a refreshing view on interior design. Rooms are sparsely decorated, but each item is carefully chosen and perfectly inserted in space to create a sense of amplitude and freedom through order.

You can see an example of this on the room below. This is a nowadays living room designed following the mid-century aesthetics:

mide century modern living room with dark curtains neutral

Grey curtains were used often to contrast against color items in the decor, or to add up to a neutral, clean space:

mid century light grey room

Mid Century decor brings the outside inside, with long full windows. To make the effect even more dramatic, there aren’t a lot of blinds going on around that time… but when they are there, they are neutral and often translucent, clean ones – i.e. they are semi-transparent, letting the light go through but also creating a separation and somewhat dimming the inside. That way you could still have the forest in our living room, but maybe not as loud:

translucent grey curtains mid century modern decor

Grey Curtains and Color Relations

Nowadays grey curtains have been put on the spotlight of contemporary decor. They come in different materials and different settings, depending on the effect the designer wants to achieve. They could be used to complement a totally grey room, with different shades of neutrals to achieve a soothing, clean decor effect. Or they could be used in the opposite manner, as a balancing color against another solid color.

grey curtains, dark grey walls and blue accents bedroom

When paired with white walls and white floors, crude, neutral drapes can be used to achieve beautiful shabby chic or clean compositions. On the image below you can see how this effect is achieved. It lights up the room and creates a very soothing space. This is perfect for the minimal home owner mind you. It wouldn’t work in a cluttered environment, so if you want to achieve this and you own a lot of stuff, you have to either be able to let go of the materialism, or embrace it and try something else. Or rent some storage space 😉

white walls, bed, ceiling and flor with grey curtains

One of the most famous color combinations, yellow and grey, has been having a renaissance of sorts moment. You can see in the following example how drapery can be paired with other similar shades on the floor and walls to bring the most out of a few scattered yellow accents. This will only work if there is contrast, so be careful with the ratio of yellow and grey you employ when designing your room.

grey and yellow living room interior design

Another popular combination is grey with pink highlights. This is a favorite among girls, and teenagers love that it is a combination that is feminin, but also hints at maturity. It’s very elegant when the correct balance of tones is achieved.

pink curtains and grey curtains girl bedroom

Be careful of one thing though. The pink family is a difficult tonal one to use, in the sense that if over used, it could make a room way too bright… and if the shade of grey is too deep, it could make your room look very, very heavy and dark!

The Best Grey Curtains

This is obviously a very ample question, specially in interior designing, but we do have some favorite ones in our collection. We absolutely love this space below. The long, grey semi-transparent shades that extend from ceiling to floor are gorgeous. And the lovely grey and neutral tones on the floor, ceiling, walls and upholstery make that painting on the wall come to life.

long grey curtains neutral decor

It would not look that striking and poignant if it was in an environment with other colours fighting for the attention…Imagine it with other paintings on the wall, and maybe some photo frames and a tv. No, it doesn’t work. Your best grey curtains won’t look that good if the rest of the room is not working with them. Remember: interior design is always a balancing act.