50 Shades of Grey Curtains

50 Shades of Grey Curtains

Interior design has in the grey shade a huge ally. This color has always been used in order to achieve contrasting effects and to highlight certain colours, or to create whole neutral spaces. Now, the grey curtains offers have multiplied in answer to its demand. Although many interior decorators love to use them to create space while using bright, contrasting accent colours, we have seen an increase in the clean, minimal, monochromatic rooms.

How to achieve a minimal look?

Minimal aesthetics might seem simple to achieve, but in fact it’s a balancing act. Color plays a huge role in the scheme of things, and here the grey and neutral tones are the main actors.

One of the main factors is to carefully choose your shades of grey. You are trying to create a space that soothes, rather than speaks loudly. A space that can be seen as tones working together to create a balanced canvas, not competing against each other.

In the example below, we can see grey curtains working with the white frech windows, white wall and white floor to create a balanced environment. The carefully chosen decorative elements complement each other, and make the empty spaces meaningful.

clean white bright room with french windows and grey curtains

In this setting, the asymmetrical balance created using the big white vase on the floor and the 2 little ones on the dark grey recycled crate shelves make the whole setting dynamic. The movement accomplished by these elements lends extra emphasis on the vintage baseball ball on the floor.

To achieve this dramatic effect, while keeping things light and bright, it is essential to choose your elements carefully. In the minimal interior design, every object and choice is meaningful. That means you cannot achieve this effect with clutter. It might seem obvious, but it’s not. There’s no room in this for other elements.

Another important aspect is the choice of shades of grey. The recycled crates on the wall receive a dark grey coat of paint. The grey curtains are of a medium shade, brighter than the recycled shelves. Then you have the bold decision to have the walls and floor on the same tone of greyish, dirty white. The important thing here are the lines created by the white floor boards, otherwise we would have two big masses of white. The lines on the floor are playing with the lines on the french windows, which create a nice contrast with the round lines of the vases and the baseball.

In this instance, the grey curtains are the element that binds all other together, and at the same time responsible for creating visual separations in the space. The effect would have been completely different if the curtains were brighter or darker…

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