About Us

Love Curtains aim is to showcase the most inspiring curtains out there. With a penchant for grey curtains, we want to find the best examples of how to use neutral shades in interior design. Through careful visual research online, we want to create a database exploring all the uses of the grey colour and its importance for modern home decor.

Grey has often been used as a support colour for bright, lively hues. It’s a colour’s colour, one that interior designers often make use of when trying to create a balance ambient. One that is pleasant to be at, but at the same time dynamic and interesting. This is often the achieved effect when using grey curtains, carpets, walls, together with bright shades of yellow, green, blue, pink or orange, to name but a few. But pairing such different ends of the spectrum requires a sharp eye for colour balance. Here the reader will find examples to make this decor choices easier.

To celebrate so many shades of grey curtains in interior design, this site exists. Don’t think twice about sending us a request at info@lovecurtains.com for inclusion in our collection. The more the merrier and we want all the good examples we can find! Enjoy our site and we hope to hear your thoughts on curtains soon.