Yellow + Grey

Home design: Grey and Yellow

yellow grey curtains baroque art nouveau pattern romance design

Using such a bright, happy color as yellow paired with the neutral, often gloomy grey might seem strange at first. But bear with, as you’ll see yellow furniture and accents in the home are the perfect companion to those grey curtains and walls!

As we have talked before, combining grey with color is a way to achieve often strikingly beautiful interiors. Home decor is becoming more and more important, and most important, accessive. There’s nothing better than to show off your taste and at the same time invite your guests to a well designed, comfortable ambient. And there’s nothing better than to actually be able to live in one.

Now with stores such as Ikea, and the renaissance of the 2nd hand furniture as a piece of vintage decor, there’s no excuse to not have a gorgeous home.

You might be more familiar with the grey + yellow combo from fashion magazines – it’s a pairing we often see in the fashion world. It’s a classic color combination on the fashion world, exciting but also very chic. The same harmony can be achieved by pairing these lovely hues in the home.

The neutral and the loud… curtains

grey and yellow living room interior design

Curtains, as do paintings, carpets and lighting, play a huge role in interior design. They account for very large visual campi in the room area. Arguably  these are the most important points when designing an interior. Unlike furniture and objects, these are more work if they need to be changed afterwards. So a good starting point is the color of the walls, the floor, the ceiling and, if you’re using they, the curtains.

Grey curtains are a great option in the sense that they are neutral. Depending on the shade, they be virtually paired with anything. But choose wisely. When using a bright shade such as yellow, be careful to choose the right one. There are many yellows, and many can be classy and elegant, whereas other are just plain wrong.

So here are some ideas to use grey and yellow together. This combination will work in any part of the house. I wouldn’t suggest designing a whole house comprised of grey and yellow interiors though. That could be too much 😉

The Bathroom: Yellow accents, Grey Curtains, Elegance

Many would think grey is such an uneventful color. But using it with yellow, for instance, it balances the vibrancy perfectly. In the bathroom below, the grey pattern on the double curtains bath is perfectly paired with the vibrant yellow furniture. All has been either custom painted in the same shade or extra care was taken that everything used in yellow is actually in the same spectrum. This is very important to create the graphical and careful achieved color balance.

The straight lines of the tiles are perfect as a counterpoint to the circles pattern on the grey curtains on the bath, so elegantly used here. The vintage / renewed feel of the yellow dressing table adds romance to this lovely ensemble. A truly inspiring bathroom.

grey dot curtains 70s with yellow furniture bath curtains

Another way to pair the color combo is as complementary colors on the shower curtain. On the next picture, the use of grey as a background for the yellow and white flowers graphics creates a separation from the more subdued, beige wall. This makes the flower design really come alive, which wouldn’t happen if the grey curtain was the same color as the wall or other bright shade for instance.

Other accents, such as the little bathroom mat and the towel in the box, help to tie this interior together visually. The result is a bright, calm, light ambience, but also cheerful and dynamic.

grey yellow shower curtains mellow neutral beige sunny interior

The next example also showcases a yellow / grey / white bath curtain, but with grey walls and a very lovely petit-pois tilled floor. The yellow here is not as bright as the previous examples, yet it ties in so nicely with the light grey of the walls and the black wooden furniture. The focal point of this composition is the gorgeous yellow flower bouquet arrangement. The petit-pois floor brings playfulness and is a nice contrast to the lines on the bath curtains.

grey yellow white stripes bath shower grey walls petit pois dotted floor

I’ve got nothing but love for this bathroom. Utterly gorgeous and classy.

Bringing life to your living room

Another room with plenty of potential to showcase your yellows and greys is the living room. Often regarded as the main room in a house, the living is a place to receive and to be comfortable. And also to show off your interior design skills…

yellow and grey living room interior design

I am in love with this yellow sofa! And the grey wall? Speechless. It’s the perfect shade of grey. And I love the risk taken here using a bright yellow carpet AND a rug over it. The balance is achieved and the devil is in the details. This room manages to bring everything together with the little white accents. The white furniture, the white skirting board (baseboard), white shelf and the white in the patterned rug break the yellow and the grey. This creates the rhythm in this superb composition.

yellow carpet dark grey raw wall and patterned grey curtains


This is a lovely example of another way of employing yellow carpets / rugs. The very dark and raw cement wall is beautiful. It’s hardness and coldness creates a great contrast with the warm and bright carpet. These blocks of color are made light by the pattern grey of the curtains.

The Bedroom

The room where you probably spend the most amount of time in your life. I wish more people realised this and put more effort in it. It is the place where you sleep, love, get dressed, relax. But most of all, it is the place that you see first when you wake up in the morning and the one you look at last before falling asleep.

I think this deserves to be a beautiful and special place. A peaceful place. A happy place. A place you love, and long for when you’re away. This is so important.

bedroom design with grey and yellow highlights

This example of a spacious bedroom offers some great ideas. Here yellow is a highlight, and the star of the composition is the shades of grey. The walls have 2 different shades, the dark grey curtains make sure no light will bother you sunday sleep. Again the beige carpet bringing lightness. Again the so important white skirting boards keeping the composition together, slicing the color blocks.

The piece de resistance is the vintage chest of drawers, here repainted in glossy lacquer yellow. I wouldn’t mind waking up to it every morning 🙂 And love the detail of the yellow and grey throws on the wing chair! Taking it underneath the seat is genius: keeps it on its place and looks amazing.

spacious bedroom grey curtains yellow wall wood floor

Another spacious bedroom, displaying a lovely yellow and grey wallpaper. This is the minimal backdrop for the vintage-looking wood floor and the double grey and white curtains. The strange piece (of art?) on the wall disturbs the vibe slightly, but this room has so many superlatives we can let this one slip. This is a gorgeous duvet cover, and I love that it’s the same shade of grey as the curtains. Beautiful.

Grey & Yellow & Details

Last, but not least: the details are as important as the essentials. As seen on the fail above, its easy to spot when something is not right. It could destroy a whole setting to have an object out-of-place. And the opposite is also true. Little details can bring a room to life. Using grey and yellow do bring dynamics into play is a way to breathe life in your composition.

vintage yellow stool grey shades retro

This is a great example of that. The use of two different grey hues and contrasting fabric on the curtains is very inspiring. And the yellow rim is a superb detail. Using the vintage yellow stool to compose the look helps achieve this worn, comfy and warm feel.

Another way of bringing these 2 colors into play is using frames and images. Below you can see an example of bright yellow frames and greyscale pictures. They jump nicely out of the light grey wall:

yellow and grey wall decor frames and photos

Using the empty frame around the wall hook is also a very refreshing way of decorating the space. Hadn’t seen this before and find it great.

Do you have any examples of grey and yellow on interior decor you want to share with us? If you want to send us an example please mail us at . We would love to hear from you, be it about curtains or anything interior design related.